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Driftwood Farms
Of the 140 acres of property, 75% is dedicated to growing privet hedge. We grow our
plants from
cultivar. The soil conditions, temperature and climate of the North Shore of
Long Island provide the perfect conditions to grow the absolute finest
privets. We provide our customers with the highest quality "Balled and
ligustrum ovalifolium plants. Our B & B plants are 2'.0 to over 6' feet in
height, grown in field nursery rows, dug with soil intact, wrapped with burlap and tied
with twine.  We insure that the root ball is consistent in size, (a minimum of 10-12 times
the diameter of the tree trunk measured 6 inches off the ground) the ball is sound and
digging process.  This insures that the re-planted root system absorbs enough water
to meet the plants needs and enjoys uninterrupted growth rate when placed in its new

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Wholesale Privet Hedge